Selected publications

Compositional, structural, and surface characterization of heat-treated halloysite samples: Influence of surface treatment on photochemical activity
Balázs Zsirka, Veronika Vágvölgyi, Katalin Győrfi, Erzsébet Horváth, Róbert K. Szilágyi, Erzsébet Szabó-Bárdos, Szabolcs Balogh, János Kristóf: , Applied Clay Science (Q1) 212 (2021) 106222,
DOI: 10.1016/j.clay.2021.106222, IF(2020): 5,467

Nanoparticulate halloysite clay was used as a model system for studying the influence of compositional defect sites on the structure and photochemical activity as a result of thermal modifications generating Al-defect sites. A decrease in Al-coordination number and an increase in the number of acidic sites were observed, which was correlated with the increase in photochemical activity. A significantly different photochemical activity was found for thermally treated halloysite than expected.

For a New and Bright Future: Propaganda in Hungarian Newsreels Between 1945 and 1954
Lajos Somogyvári, Historia y Memoria de la Educación 16 (2022): 233-266

Visual studies played an emerging role in contemporary humanities, especially in the history of education; motion pictures, documentaries, and newsreels are characteristic genres in this field. Newsreels meant an important platform and tool for propaganda and political indoctrination in the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century (e.g. German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Soviet), which mixed community experience and entertainment with giving information, and manipulation of political thinking. My study was based on a 10-year corpus after WW2, from which I selected footage about schooling and education, through a three-step research design. I have detected the basic narrative types related to establishing the superiority of communism in the analysis, which expressed the parallel view of a realized utopia in everyday reality.

Time-Resolved SAXS Study of Polarity- and Surfactant-Controlled Superlattice Transformations of Oleate-Capped Nanocubes During Solvent Removal
Zhong-Peng Lv, Martin Kapuscinski, Gábor Járvás, Shun Yu, Lennart Bergström

Introduction of a Capillary Gel Electrophoresis-Based Workflow for Biotherapeutics Characterization: Size, Charge, and N- Glycosylation Variant Analysis of Bamlanivimab, an Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Product
Miklos Szabo, Daniel Sarkozy, Marton Szigeti, Robert Farsang , Zsofia Kardos, Adam Kozma, Eszter Csanky, Doo Soo Chung, Zoltan Szekanecz, Andras Guttman. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2022; DOI: 10.3389/fbioe.2022.839374

Extreme hot weather has stronger impacts on avian reproduction in forests than in cities.
Pipoly I., Preiszner B., Sándor K., Sinkovics Cs., Seress G., Vincze E., Bókony V., Liker A., Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2022.825410